Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Battle for Endor... I mean Retaking the Halloween Room

Today gave us some tremendous finds. We have a large box full of beautiful ladies gloves in leather,cloth and even that's right folks... metallics. Had I not packed up this box and put it on a really high shelf, there would be amazing photos of these right this very minute. Stay tuned they might appear in future blogs. So as to not entirely rob you of photo fun lets take a look at our detail of the day. But seriously check out these amazing velvet flowers with exquisite embroidery and rhinestones. Yum.

If the dainty stuff is not your would-be cup of tea, we will be having a wide selection of military items at our sale. Our featured item today from the wide world of military is this great WWII Officers' Dress Coat. Check it out!

We have a bunch of these coats in a whole slew of wearable sizes.

By popular demand we have changed the name of the Halloween Room Time Elapse photos to the Spring Sale Time Warp Photography Installation Series. However SSTWPIS is a really messy acronym so we would be willing to consider your suggestions for alternative names. I'd say today we successfully reclaimed the Halloween Room in the name of the Spring Cleaning Sale.

Now that its "empty" we can fill it with all sorts of wonderful things for you, our loyal fans. After a short skirmish with the wetsuits we seemed to have established a tentative peace treaty and are hopeful that we will be able to proceed amicably from this point. We have even reclaimed some fabulous bathrobes for peace and the American Way. Superman would be proud.

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