Monday, April 20, 2009

Day Six Note to Self: Pumpkin Pants... Not a squash

Welcome back readers to another exciting week of costume sorting goodness. How are you?
We're great. Thanks for asking. Its so good to know you care. :)

We would like to take this opportunity to talk about a very important topic. PUMPKIN PANTS. Now we know you are all saying:

"But what do pumpkin pants have to do with me?"
Well we're glad you asked. In addition to being all kinds of theatrical awesome, and the Elizabethan answer to thunder thighs, no wardrobe is complete without a very fetching pair. Just say no to the string bikini this year. Go Pumpkin Pants at the beach or bar-b-que. Check out some of our samples of this year's most sought after trend.

And because when you finally talk your girlfriend into doing that scene from the Tudors , trust us, you're going to need them.

The next stop on our tram tour of the Western Costume Wild Animal Park is Uniform Land. As you know WWI helmets are nocturnal so its unlikely we will see any activity from them today. However I have just received news that our vintage fireman's helmets are very active in their paddock so we're going to swing by and see if we can catch a good look. And... yes ladies and gentlemen there they are, at the left side of the tram. Lets take a look.

Note the one with the white markings on the right side is the larger dominate male.

Now we know that no one's day would be complete without the Pulitzer-winning detail of the day feature. However, we are not feeling particularly detail oriented today. So tough...
Just kidding! Break out the smelling salts, recover from your faints of disappointment, and enjoy another spectacular piece of work from our special collection!

Lastly the Time Warp. Its just a jump to the left...

Also, if you are pretending to read our blog... pretend harder And to our actual fans...We Love You Cincinnati!!!!

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