Monday, April 27, 2009

Episode 11: Monday and Monday-er

Hello all and welcome back to another thrilling installment of our blog! Let's take a look at our featured item for the day. For anyone and their best friend who have been just waiting for the day when you could go as Lloyd and Harry to a party... welcome to the best day ever!


We also have a great selection of other, let's say, unusual, tuxes in cream, brown, and several stunning shades of beige.

For all of you military minds out there we have a tasty tidbit for you today. Check out these replica 1st pattern HBT Army shirts used in the movie "The Thin Red Line"

 As far as replicas go these are the rockin'est ever! We also have matching replica pants as well as actual HBT pants from the 1940s.

Today's stunning detail of the day features some lovely multi-colored embroidered flowers...

Aren't they splendid?

Despite his ever-increasing presence in our blog, GLITTERSNAKE has threatened to bite our ankles once an hour until we pay proper homage to his favorite Family Guy character: Stewie.

As we are wearing our favorite boots and do not want this to occur we are going to humor the little guy and change the title of our most recent feature to "What the Deuce?" or "WTD?" 

So then, welcome to today's newly minted "WTD?" feature... we present you the following:

It's a purse, it's a saddle. It's a saddle purse. Please do not attempt to ride to work. Use saddle purses responsibly.
Peace out yo.

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