Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Episode 12: Go Go Gadget Yard Sale

Today we salute one of our previous features and return to the how-to-make your own Harry potter costume of awesomeness. Today in transmogrification we will turn you into Prof. McGonagall. No polyjuice potion required. Just add your own standard witch hat and a sour expression and you are good
to go.

Just to make sure you have someone to scowl at we can also provide you with these fetching sweater/tie combinations so you can conjure your own adolescents from Gryfindor or Slytherin.


Capitol work! 50 house points to you. Also, I think Nora is a stunning model for all of our yard sale goodness. Wouldn't you agree? Somehow everything fits her magically. I am magenta with envy.
In the depths of our cave of coolness we have discovered these breathtaking WWI Infantry jackets. A marvel to behold. Take a look:


And now the detail of the day which goes out to our new man Oren because he gets the heavy boxes down from the tall tall shelves. Observe some mind-blowingly intricate embroidery and bead work. Yowza!

Seriously, its so small it couldn't be captured by our camera, but we are sure you can imagine how wonderful it is. Go on, imagine it. We dare you.

In today's "WTD?" let's consider the fantastic wonder-item that is the always classic fully beaded necktie. "But surely not!" you've just exclaimed to yourselves. "Ah but it is so" we are for some reason compelled to inform you. "Where can I get my very own?" you say. "Why, at our May 30th yard sale" we tell you. Behold:

Upon your May 30th requistion of this fabulous tie feel free to launch your own glam rock version of The Dead Poets Society.
And with that, yet another example of our stunning wit and rhetoric, I think we are done for today. Wouldn't you agree?
Autobots, roll out.

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