Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Episode 8- We'll show you some swash that will make you knees buckle

Are you going wenching tonight? If you answered “Argh” then have wegot the ensemble for you. So rig up your Jolly Roger and grab a dead man's chestbecause pirate coats are back.

Please Note: Parrot or troublesome monkey not included. ;)
On a less potentially- scurvy-ridden note (eat your oranges kids) lets move on to Vintage Show and Tell: where we show you fun vintage pieces that are for sale and you tell all your friends about it. Didn't we promise you audience participation?
Check it out! An entire adorable outfit:
Little Black Hat

Gloves: Now With Racing Stripes! 
(Don't leave home without them)

Fancy Black Dress

Today's detail of the Day is dedicated to the winner of this week's Spring Sale Blog Trivia Challenge: Katie! Congratulations! Come back and see us sometime.
Future winners will be determined at our discretion. 
Note Spring Sale Blog Trivia Challenge is entirely fictitious and no prizes will be awarded, that we know of. You can give yourselves your own prizes if you want but don't tell us because then we'll know of them. =)
Our military correspondent is currently behind enemy lines and we haven't learned Morse code yet so so until then * * - * *
ah, hell.

And a Step to the Right...

(Time Warp)

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