Thursday, April 23, 2009

Episode 9: Cage Fighting and You

Good news everyone! A search and rescue plane bombarded us with some supplies that are both practical and fun.

This lantern: 

is both aesthetically pleasing and makes terrific tinking noise when you shake it. 

We also received this: 

magnificent and statuesque 105mm-M14B1 shell casing.
While no longer lethal, save a good bashing on the head, it doubles nicely as an umbrella stand or a lovely vase for your long stem floral arrangements. While the aforementioned items will be for sale, our bosses from the network have just called to kindly remind us that this blog is supposed to be about clothing. 

So then, how about wings? Wings are clothing right? 

These wings are a good choice for everything from circus performing to door-to-door solicitation. Please do not try to fly in them... or swim, swimming would be bad.. However, we are totally in support of cage-fighting in them. We only have two pairs of these so all you extreme sports people better get here early on May 30th.

Detail of the Day: 

While these lovely buttons might not seem to be particularly advantageous in a cage-fight they can be made into some fearsome projectile weapons. Aim for the eyes! If they can't see you...they can't find you.

Due to a newly implemented organizational system it turns out that the Time Warp feature is actually quite dull. If this has already occurred to you, we appreciate that you didn't mention it to us. However, as a reward for your epic stoicism we now bring you our new feature “WTD* Mate!?” 

Please Welcome today's guest on “WTD* Mate!?” ... 


The uses for GLITTERSNAKE are endless. Endless I tell you! Stay tuned for the further adventures of GLITTERSNAKE... 

* "What the Deuce Mate!?"

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