Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Sale Day Five: Prithee Good Maiden...

Prithee Good Maiden have you seen my codpiece? 

Well actually not.. because we are not selling any. But on a topically related note we are selling a bunch of tremendous doublets, capes and other medieval and Shakespearean froll-de-roll. Let us rejoice and make merry! How merry is up to you. ...Don't drink and drive people.

Now let us sally forth into the vestibule and steal us some kisses.
Hopefully from an obliging maiden. Preferably the daughter of our enemy.
Tell me you know where we are going with this.

In other news, lets go to our military corespondent, who at this juncture would like to remain anonymous. Our super stealth reporter has provided us with a list of movies to watch to see some outstanding military uniforms, period clothing and great research. So kudos to the crews and designers of:

  • Zulu - 1964
  • The Lighthorsemen - 1987
  • The Duellists - 1977

In case you were wondering what to do with your weekend: order a pizza and have yourselves a film festival.

And now onto the Detail of the Day...

Please observe some truly psychotic beadwork. Just look at that Edwardian Bling. 50 Cent would be proud!

And last but not least... lets do the time warp again.

Nuff said. We're going home now. You should too. Have a great weekend everybody!

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