Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Sale Log Day Three: The Jelly Bean Rations Ran Low Today

Gentle Readers,

We have discovered that the passion fruit flavored jelly bean should not be injested. Just a friendly fyi.

In other news we are compiling a fun list of how-to build you own -fill-in-fun-pop-culture-costume-here from the abundance that is our Spring Cleaning Sale. Lets check one out, shall we?

How to build your own Ron Weasley Dress Robes from the popular Harry Potter Franchise. Lets compare...

A pretty good match I'd say. Seriously throw on a bow tie and you'll be good to go. 

But for those of you with more of a Voldemort-type evil dark side kill all humans sort of bent how about this?

It also doubles as totally awesome Sith Emperor. And yes in case you haven't caught on we are a couple of costuming sci-fi nerd girls writing this blog.

On a somewhat lighter note we have Eisenhower Jackets. For those of you who want to be like Ike, here's the opportunity we're sure you have been waiting for.


We have a number of these jackets in great condition and wearable sizes. Some available with patches and/or insignia. We have also heard that we should be expecting some great WWI and WWII items but as this is still unconfirmed don't tell anyone you heard it from us okay? Loose lips sink ships yes?

Onward to Detail of the Day:


Four adorable embroidered birds. Need we say more?

Lastly how about our Spring Sale Time Warp room photo. We did a lot of stuff today. But it wasn't in this room. So. Okay then.

See you next time. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

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