Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Because it's good to give back to our community...

Because it's good to give back to our community and
because what's even more fun than buying a rockin' costume
is winning one.

We will be raffling off a few choice items at our May 30th Spring Sale.
Two of the items are shown in our lovely photo display below.

All proceeds from the raffle, go to benefit Las Familias del Pueblo in
downtown Los Angeles. Las Familias del Pueblo is a community center for
sweatshop workers and their children. Located on the edge of Los Angeles'
skid row and the start of the garment district, Las Familias has a full-day
kindergarten/first-grade charter school, an after-school program for 100
children that provides homework and tutorial assistance as well as learning
experiences and support for children and youth 12 hours a day. Parents of the
children that attend Las Familias all work, so the center provids programs of
equal intensity during summer vacation and school holidays. At Las Familias,
the charter and after-school program are organized around educating the whole
child, helping each child develop good judgement, self-control, empathy, courage,
and honesty.

Tickets are only $2, and you do not need to be present to win. Though we will
need your email or phone number, or carrier pigeon destination to inform you
of your win and your new totally sweet costume.

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