Monday, May 4, 2009

Episode 16: If you accidentally crush someone, can you still take their shoes?

Does someone have a case of the Monday's? If so, consider launching some flying monkeys at your co-workers. *Note: Neither this blog or our sponsors support launching of monkeys. Flying or otherwise. Need some extra flair? Just a little tin foil does the trick. Good for those without a circulatory system. Also a great way to send TPS Reports. Looking for some extra security for your stapler? How about an intimidating fortress guard. Note: Oreos not included. Got a meeting with the Bobs? Blow them away with your stunning people skills and your Emerald City formal wear. Want to kill the fax machine? Hire a green-faced mercenary. Especially because that abandoned field is really far away and we left our baseball bats at home. Are people confused as to which Lumberg you had a nice time with? Beat some sense into them with the lollipop guild. Tired of people asking if you are a good witch or a bad witch? Send them and their desk to the basement in a convenient, easy to conjure bubble. Wondering what to wear? This lovely blue polka dot number is good for a trip down the yellow brick road or a trip to Tahiti on the company's dime. P.S. We said no salt. Does someone have a case of the

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