Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Episode 18: I'm Not a Policeman, I'm a Princess

Looking for that special outfit for when your days of house-slaving, dwarf-managing, spindle-avoiding, beast-taming, and giant-half-woman half-octopus-possessed-evil-sea-monster's-curse-breaking come to an abrupt and fortuitous end?
Forget those high priced custom tailors (those little mice have gone union) We have the perfect fairy-tale ending frocks for you. That's right grammarians, they bring an end to fairy tales.
Don't believe us? See for yourself:
Ext. 1. Princess Tiny Feet
Ext. 2. The Beast Master
Ext. 3. I'm not a Fish, I'm your wife
Ext. 4. I'm sorry honey, I must have dosed off.
And if the antiquated rituals of patriarchal society aren't your adorably animated cup of tea, go the bibbity bobbity boo route and manipulate the very fabric of time and space with your wand of power.
*Note: Fate-altering wand of power not included.

And for all you bad girls out there... do not be dismayed. For behold the all-encompassing evil of the ultimate villianess wonder garment. Good for soul-stealing, shape-shifting, baby-cursing, giant-wirlpool-end-of-the-world-mentally-unhinged-destruction-plotting, and other sundry activities. Princesses everywhere...quake in fear.

Oh and for you very few military types who are still with us, your patience is vast. We also have a selection of some very nice police uniforms.

And just so you know boys and girls, alhough life might not always turn out like a fairy tale, you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up. GLITTERSNAKE wanted to be a princess, at least for today.

Stay tuned for the further adventure of GLITTERSNAKE. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

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