Thursday, May 7, 2009

Episode 19: Oh, The Places You'll Go

Wondering what to do with your summer vacation? Why not take a look at some of our very attractive destination packages.
If you have a hankering for plum puffs, Marilla's homemade currant wine or just a great love of Canada, consider a trip to Prince Edward Island. This outfit is suitable for breaking a slate over a rascally boy's head or just for breaking few hearts along the way.

Pack your bags for a great Green Gables Get-Away

Want something a little more swank? Do gun-running and train-robbing have you feeling unfeminine? Want to impress that certain doctor fellow with your je nous se qua? Well there is still time to crash the annual ball on Persephone. And what better to wear than this lovely tiered confection of a frock.
*Don't ask about the pink one. We don't have it. We checked.

Feeling a little more tragically inclined? Always wanted to call Heathcliff across the moors? Try to overcome your tremendous ennui and console yourself by just looking fabulously repressed. Even better, bring an attractive friend in a top hat.

Thirsty? So is everybody but if you hang on for a second we will find you a Still-Suit. For all of you who have just won the mandatory all-expense-paid slave labor trip to Dune, don't worry,the messiah is coming. Look good while you wait for him to get his act together. Also, good luck with that whole Harkonnen coup situation. *Stock up on moisturizer.

Has all this trip planning got you stressed out? How about you grab a cold one at the bar in 10-Forward. *Note: Once again this blog nor our sponsors support the imbibing of alcoholic beverages, Romulan Wine or otherwise. However this blog does support the frequent and unabashed wearing of silly hats...

Looking for a kid-friendly vacation destination? We're just sure someone can tell you how to get to Sesame Street. Sunny days, friendly neighbors, excellent trash supervision- what's not to love?

Today's blog has been brought to you by the number

and the letter

5G?! Hit/sunk.

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