Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Episode 22: Because it's More Fun than Sitting By Yourself

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Too hot to go outside? Afraid a blustery day might ruin the forest Christopher Robin? Well, don't get your heads stuck in a honey pot, we have some exciting activities to keep you entertained.

We had a whole exciting photo essay about how to flood your living room and stage a mock naval battle however we cannot wholeheartedly reccommend this as my camera suffered a fatal injury during our own personal skirmish. (GLITTERSNAKE got a little blood thirsty in his gladiator costume and pushed my poor camera off of a bookcase. GLITTERSNAKE has also suffered some minor injuries but should make a full recovery. The camera...not so much.)
Please send donations to the Erica Camera Replacement Fund: Courtesy of Western Costume. Please people, we need to know that chilvary is not dead.
Check out my camera's final photos, ironically they are of GLITTERSNAKE in his gladiator costume. RIP camera it has been an honor serving with you.

So, in light of that unexpected mishap, lets all enjoy some gems from our photo archive. FYI, we'll be enjoying these gems until I can make it to the Best Buy.
Right then, things to do that are more fun than sitting by yourself:
1. Put on a cloak and suck the blood of your friends and neighbors. You might even meet a nice cocktail waitress.

Also very effective for wrecking havoc in small English villages in the name of the Greater Good.

2. Toss on a fetching hood and practice your archery skills in hopes of winning the Fair Maid Marian. Or you could just bust a rhyme Chaucerian style.

3. Attempt to find Dr. Zhviago- which might prove difficult in Los Angeles. But if you wear this fur hat, maybe he'll find you.

4. Break out the iphones and make your own Bollywood film extravaganza.

Singing and Dancing a must. Kissing forbidden. Forbidden we say!

5. Got a friend who needs cheering up? Throw them a surprise Quincenera. Hey, why not?

Tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of things that are more fun than sitting by yourself.

Special thanks to Kalen for today's theme. And to Windy our special guest coorespondent from Episode 16.

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