Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Episode 23: I've Got Soul but I'm Not a Soldier

Welcome to the exciting conclusion of ten things that are more fun than sitting by yourself.
When we last left our heroes they were valiantly battling the forces of boredom. Let's see what they have in store for villainous onslaught of monotony:

6. Declare war on the American Colonies. That's right: the Red Coats are coming!

7. Utterly annihilate an atoll. Seriously, the Deacon pays really well. In fact, we're thinking of joining up with him. However, Nora can only dog paddle, so if we fall off our tricked out jet skis we're so drowning in these heavy heavy clothes. And yes if you're still confused- we've got Waterworld costumes.

8. Make a fruit salad. Or banana chips. Banana chips are good. What? We're snacky.

*and yes, we are selling this really photogenic plastic fruit.

9. Impersonate a parakeet.

*Listen, you try to look hot in this hat.

10. Run away to join the French Foreign Legion. Cole Porter did!

Its so much better than the circus because you learn useful skills like how to be French!

GLITTERSNAKE wants to join...probably because we're still mad at him.

We hope you are at least slightly amused, because that is also way better than sitting by yourself, but that would be number eleven and lists are only supposed to go to number ten.

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