Thursday, May 14, 2009

Episode 24: Napoleon and Other World Conqueror

Feel like taking your bike off some sweet jumps?
Running for class president?
Compulsively drawing the portrait of some girl you like?
Is a liger your spirit animal?

If so, or if you are just going to prom in Idaho for some reason, check out today's amazing finds:

*Napoleon is Dynamite

How many border guards do you need for a country that takes up half of two continents? We don't know, but four sounds long as they can swiftly retreat into the winter.

Wilderness Safety Tip: Do not taunt the Russian Border Guards.

Feeling incredibly patriotic- in Mexico? Want to take it out on John Wayne? Manny does.

*Nora's helping too.

The next ensembles work if you are a double agent or want to be a villain in an Indiana Jones movie.

Special thanks today to Kurt for teaching us all about 1700s regimental wear (which coincidentally does not include polyester) and to Manny for being such a good sport and awesome guest model. For them- this is how we say goodbye in Austria.

For the rest of you- this is how we say goodbye in German.

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