Friday, May 15, 2009

Episode 25: Hurray we're a Quarter-Century

Do you think that the 1970s are the black hole of all things fashion?
If so, read no further today my friends.
We mean it... stop reading
Ok... we warned you.

If however, you love the incredible durability of polyester, the quaint elegance of a ruffle strewn prairie dress, or the mind-boggling versitility and appeal of the mushroom print, then you have come to the right place.

For all of you Brady ladies and Partridge Family sing-along stars we bring you the following:

Did you miss out on throwing the year's best Earth Day gala this year? Well don't let the opportunity pass you by in 2010. For you we have the perfect outfit, it's green (clearly) its eco-friendly (notice it has its own garden) and to the best of our knowledge, it hasn't hurt any animals lately (although GLITTERSNAKE is skeptical)

Been diagnosed with Saturday Night Fever? Having other problems staying alive? Perhaps this stunning sport coat could be of assistance.

It's certainly being of assistance to Manny.

(GLITTERSNAKE has left in a jealous huff)

And military people, in case you've been reading along, and saying to yourselves "What does the Partridge family have to do with anything awesome and violent?" ...well then we're really good guessers about what you're thinking. And we have an answer for you. We couldn't construct that answer in a witty manner per se but let it suffice to say that it involved "historical" reenactments of the American Revolution sometime in the mid-1970s. (When- and this is a straight up fact here people- polyester was AWESOME and VIOLENT.

So that's it then.
Can you dig it?

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