Monday, May 18, 2009

Episode 26: If I were a first lady... I'd be Eve

What could possibly be cooler than being a First Lady?
They support after school reading programs, pick out
china patterns, and one of them saved a painting.
In the spirit of these very formidable women, we
bring you our very first First Lady Fashion Featurette.
How do you like them apples, Smithsonian?

Martha Washington our very first number-one wife, a vixen in a mob cap.

Jackie O. she will always be the first lady of fashion.

Roslyn Carter. If anyone has a witticism about Rosalyn Carter
please send it over in a self addressed stamped envelope. We've
heard all of the peanut jokes before. Try to be creative people.

Nancy Reagan- Queen of the neck bow. Seriously, nobody
rocks a neck bow like a Reagan.

Barbara Bush- Look, we just couldn't find a lavender suit that
was as boxy as we might have liked. Oh well.

Hillary Clinton-the early nineties are the zenith of the pink power suit.

Laura Bush- in a stunning combination of the last two, its both pink and boxy.

Michelle Obama- Dear Michelle Obama, no one can be as rad as you! We tried
raid the 1950's section but were unsuccessful. We hope you will accept this jacket of
metallic goodness and try not to think too poorly of us and our plucky yard sale.

GLITTERSNAKE insisted that Monica was a first lady. His grasp of American history leaves much to be desired, but we decided to humor him. (He tends to pout.)

Dear Readers,
Now we are going to have a very rare moment of sincerity. In the generous spirit of the first ladies we have the opportunity at this years yard sale to give back to the community. We will be raffling off some one of a kind costumes as well as some highlights from the Western stock to benefit Las Familias Del Pueblo school in downtown Los Angeles. Please stay tuned for further information, but for right now feast your eyes on some preliminary pictures.

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