Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 29: To Infinity and Beyond!

Feeling despondent since you found out who the last Cylon is? Having writers block with your Firefly fan fic? Well stay on target red leader...the force is with you. And so is our yard sale.

If you haven't caught on its sci-fi day! Hold on to you butts because we will be making all those Galactica references that Erica hasn't allowed Nora to say for the last 5 weeks or so, because we are down to the final five. (workdays that is)

While we don't recommend playing the at-home edition of "Running Man" (for the last time, no chainsaws in the house!) we can whole-heartedly recommend these fetching jumpsuits.

Really looking to stick it to the MCP? Look cool on your Light Cycle and stay safe with our rocking helmet (not street legal)

This next item is a must if the Klingon High Council has just sentenced you to an all expense paid trip to an ice-planet forced labor camp and also doubles as a knockout Wookie bridal ensemble.

Feel up to making decisions about the survival of the human race? We've got the outfit for all you Admiral Adama fans out there.

The whole government/military thing not working for you? Well, we do have some nice nehru jackets running around here somewhere that would help you fit in quite nicely with the Baltar groupies. We would normally have a photo for you but frankly we don't know where they are right now. That's what happens when we have around 80 fully loaded racks full of costumes. Seriously. Come buy things. For the love of the twelve gods, come buy things.

And to leave you all with something really tremendous and hopefully more surprising than Ellen Ty, prepare your FTL drive for the following:

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