Friday, May 29, 2009

Episode 34: There and Back Again... A Yardsale's Tale

I sure hope you all enjoyed our very thorough photo essay. All of this and more is available for sale tomorrow. Please come and buy it. ;)

A very special thanks to our three friday interns: Stephanie, Jessica and Randi. They rock so hard. If you own a costume house you should hire them. If you are on a show you should hire them. If you want to have some hard-working, awesome to be around, smart, talented, really-good-under-pressure-and-skilled-at-working-with-crazies (ie: me) girls on your crew: you should hire them. Thanks ladies! To you we leave this commenorative photo.

...and perhaps a spring could be writing this blog next year. hey, you never know.

Well for the time being...
Peace out homestars!

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