Thursday, May 28, 2009

Episode 33: Remember all those great times we had...

Here are some plucky and hilarious photos to correspond to
my epic ballad from yesterday. Also, please consider this the
clip-show episode. So just sit back and think about all those
great times we've had here at the Spring Sale blog.


Two awesome assistants. Seriously you guys rock!

Three Ghilly Suits

Four Vintage Dresses

One Hundred and Thirty Two Racks (plus or minus 10 rack margin of error)

Six Interns sorting. (We could only reach three of their publicists)

Seven Shako Shaking

Eight Disco Suit a-Shining

Nine Bustles Bustling

Ten Bras a-Snapping

Eleven Bunny Suits a-Hopping

Twelve Pirate Coats a Fetching

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