Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is This a Stick Up? No, It's a Science Experiment

Howdy howdy howdy and welcome to Western's Western Day!

Last year we had some confusion as to the meaning of Western Costume.
So, as to be as clear as a blue sky over Wyoming, while we do not focus on western wear we do have a selection of it for sale this year. So please make yourselves comfortable, sidle on up to our sale and ask yourselves one question.
Do you feel lucky?
Well, do ya?
Note: outfit only guaranteed to make you look cool. Does not guarantee the having of any useful cowboy skills or the successful execution of any sweet cowboy moves/stunts/ or otherwise.
Nora just got cast as Tiger Lily in our company production of Peter Pan. GLITTERSNAKE is, of course, Peter. And, in a cruel, cruel twist of fate, reprising the same role I had in community theater when I was 11, I have been cast as the kangaroo. (No, there will be no pictures of that, thank you)
These are just a few prime examples of our western and else-wise frontier items. We used to have some bear traps, but oddly enough our bosses just didn't feel comfortable selling them. Oh well. We're sure you can still have fun with these. Hey, grab a few of your favorites and that lantern from Episode 9: Cage Fighting and You, and you could have yourselves a real nice camp out.

Well then until next time, keep on keeping on readers.

P.S. We have some awesome saloon girl dresses but as yet haven't found a model. Forecast: 90% more likely for me to model a saloon girl dress than a kangaroo.

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