Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prevent Underarm Stains and Keep Them Away

LifeHacker.com posted an article on Getting Rid of Underarm Stains. Here is the original article in a nut shell:
These are great tips on treating but how can you avoid Underarm [Pit] Stains in the future? The answer is Disposable Dress Shields.
Dress Shields are highly absorbent, and will protect your garments from staining. They are waterproof, non-woven fabric with polyester knit backs. In our Supply Store we sell Stain Stoppers™ that are more than just dress shields; they prolong the life of any garment, regardless of material and prevent permanent odors on your clothing. Soft and comfortalbe, they apply and remove in seconds, no need to sew or pin. Taped side adheres to garment. Highly absorbent, they are recommended by physicians to protect against deodorant allergies.