Thursday, November 18, 2010

Artistry, ho!

Today, on a very special episode of the Western Costume Company Blog, we are pleased to announce the upcoming Arroyo Arts Collective 18th Annual Discovery Tour: NORTH BY NORTHEAST. (

Not only is it "a self-guided auto tour featuring more than 100 artists in homes and studios in Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Montecito Heights, and Mount Washington" but our very own Ms. Kerry Deco will be showcasing some of her truly stunning creations.

In an exhibit entitled "Found Again: Sculptural, Ephemeral, Wearable" Kerry and her co-artist Ms. Kacy Treadway have created rather mind-blowing frocks and chapeaux using a wide variety of found objects from bottle caps to Converse and wine corks to wood.

For real folks, I've been looking at the following photo for 15 minutes and still can't look away. (Incidentally this inability has made typing rather difficult and I do apologize for any spelling errors... especially in the French portion of our show.)

And seriously this is a bonnet. Made out of wood. Even the feathers. Oh my god.

When she's not busy making making some of the most awesome head-coverings we've ever seen, Kerry is our full-time assistant milliner here at Western. Our master milliner Harry Rotz was going to provide some highly quotable words in praise of Kerry, but regretfully declined after persistent requests from Ms. Deco not to embarrass her by saying, on the internet no less, how awesome and talented she is.

So there you are. Kerry works here. She is talented and awesome and makes incredible art.

Check it out this weekend:
Sunday 9:30am-5pm
5431 Townsend Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(Very end of Townsend, North of Hill Drive. Please park on Hill)
Tickets: $10 in advance - Purchasable online or at Galco's Old World Grocery 5702 York Blvd., Highland Park, 90042. $15 day of the Tour.

More Information and Tickets at

Friday, October 8, 2010

And Adventuring We Shall Go

So there was young and handsome Prince Thad,

riding horses,

picking up chicks

going to sweet parties

and generally just being completely content with his awesome princely existence.
Everything was great but little did Thad know that his destiny was about to come
crashing into him like a train would crash into a tyranasaurus rex.

Far away, somewhere on a mountain.. or an ethereal plain or some such something
was a very beautiful goddess, let's call her Twixy. She was in charge of things like love and hugs and tiny candies expressing romantic sentiments.
Romantic Candies Goddess File Photo:

She was normally very nice and sweet, but had some how recently been thoroughly
ticked off by her on-again-off-again-stunningly-handsome-diety-boyfriend: Heath
Diety Boyfriend File Photo:

And like most young goddesses in her position, Twixy decided to take out her rage on some hapless mortal fellow in the most round about way she could think of. In this instance it meant that Prince Thad was suddenly consumed by a vision of a beautiful princess and he knew from that very moment that he would marry her... or at least take her out to the local tavern.
Beautiful Princess Madeline:

Not to be confused with endearing French cartoon in a blue dress. Though surely we could fine you a blue dress and a hat if that's what you really want to be for Halloween. But I digress...clearly.

Anyway, after telling his twin brother Oswald the Monk

all about this imaginary wonder-girl

Oswald told Thad that surely his could-be-beloved was none other than the beautiful and aforementioned Princess Madeline of none other than the kingdom right next door. Overjoyed, Thad set off at once but once again little did he know that Princess Madeline had been kidnapped by Twixy's evil headless henchman

and set adrift at sea where she was forced to make a really cute outfit that while totally awesome made her completely unrecognizable...

Alright so she looks just as beautiful as ever but let's all hop on the suspended disbelief raft and paddle our way into a decent narrative shall we?

...Yes, indeed we shall because nothing's fun like the Raft of the Medusa. Stick with us bold adventurers; it's about to get good (or at least awkwardly amusing)

And now a word from our sponsor:
Come on down to the Western Costume Halloween Store wherein you will find all the
fantastic costumes pictured here today. Friendly staff, free popcorn, wacky clothes, what's
not to love?
11041 Vanowen (Back of the Building)
North Hollywood CA 91605
10AM-6PM Monday through Saturday
Huzzah! Costumes!!!

Extra Thanks to Today's Special Contributors
Clint, Tiger, Nestor, Gavin and Theodore Gericault.
You Rock.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time in a land far far away (where it wasn't 110 degrees
in September) there was a brave young prince (in a smashing outfit)...

Handsome, charming, and wealthy, our hero had everything he
could ever hope for. All was well for but what a boring story it would be if life remained
a bed of cheerful roses and cherry bowls for young prince Thad. (Yup, I'm
going with Thad but his name can be up for debate. And
by 'debate' I mean I'll only be accepting submissions that are also Crayola crayon
colors. For a full listing see here:
I'm partial to Prince Fuzzy Wuzzy myself).
Anyway, there's no telling what perils lie ahead in Thad's adventurous future....

Or what possibly unsavory characters he may encounter along the way...

But with his trusty steed by his side...

surely our hero can not but return victorious from his as yet to be specified journey.
Stay tuned...

And now, a note from our sponsors:
All of the wardrobe worn by Prince Thad and our other Ballad of Halloween heroes is available at our very own Western Costume Halloween Store, which very conveniently opens this coming Friday October 1st, right here in scenic North Hollywood, where- from what we hear anyway- it won't be 110 degrees either. See you there yes?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ceci N'est Pas Une Blog

If you are in any way like me, you may not have thought about your Halloween costume until sometime last week where- much to your dismay- you discovered that it was the middle of September leaving you a scant six to seven weeks to come up with something truly genius.
Fear not fellow partial procrastinators, for genius abounds at this year's Halloween store.
(Author's note to audience: for those of you new to this blog, I will now make a number of seemingly unrelated pop culture references that will only possibly be tied together in some flourish of narrative inspiration. Stay tuned)
(Author's note to self: Blog needs genius. Cartoons=Genius. Ere go: Blog=Cartoons*)

~Shopper's Note: Segue Sold Separately

Carrots are high in beta carotene and costume contest wins...just saying

Shopper's Note: Bacon Buddy Sold Separately.**
And now for the greatest food costumes I've ever seen (and
no, this has nothing to do with a dress made of meat):

Just some inspiration for the following triptych:

Seriously, I love this outfit. Also, strangely, I feel more informed.
About what, can't be certain but I'm definitely more knowledgeable
about something. I wonder what that's about...

xo for serious,

*Dear PhD Mathematics friends, sorry for the flagrant misuse of mathematical notation and logic. Also, sorry I can't make Dr. Who on Saturday.

**Having just realized our own need for a "Bacon Buddy" costume, there is not currently one scheduled to be part of the store. We'll let you know when we add this awesome piece to our collection.

Monday, September 13, 2010

And We're Back...

Good Morning Readers,
This could be disorienting to you (it certainly is for me) but the wonder-phenomenon that is the
'Spring Sale Blog' is back...wait for the Fall. While there is no impending yard sale per se, we do have the annual and epic Halloween Store that is sprouting up right under our very noses. Frankly, it would just be selfish to keep such awesome masquerade and sartorial splendor to myself. Do look forward to updates, photos, and general snarky humor. (If, of course, looking forward to things is something that you are into.)
In the meantime I'm also learning Spanish (but not the computer skills to have correct punctuation and accent marks- please bear with me)
The Spanish word of the day is:
Let's use it in a sentence, shall we?
Yo soy diplomacia. E usted?

xo for serious,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Western Costume Welcomes the Dykeman-Young Collection!

There is a lot happening here at western Costume Company. We are currently in the process of integrating the remarkable Dykeman-Young Collection into our own! As you may recall, we announced our acquisition of the collection in October. If you missed it, you can check it out on our blog here or at

The Dykeman-Young Collection is an incredibly well maintained, nearly immaculate group of an estimated 50,000 period pieces that we will be moving into our shop within the next few months. Known for it's outstanding selection of evening wear, the collection also includes a fantastic array of work wear from the 20th century, not to mention thousands of other garments ranging from the turn of the century, up to the 1980's.

Thanks to Brian Moss, Dan Lester, and many other incredible staffers, we have done quite a bit of rearranging to fit this massive and marvelous collection into our stock. Once everything has been moved in, we will have an area designated specifically for the Dykeman-Young collection, all organized by our fantastic staff. We are so delighted to have this extraordinary resource combined with our own stock all under one roof. We hope you can come by soon to see the progress we are making!!

We will be sure to continue posting images and keep you all updated on our progress as we move more items into the shop!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Leftover Night

Just as tasty as a the day after Thanksgiving, please help yourself
to as many of these previously unseen photos as your tummies and minds
can handle.

Alright, we'll keep the text light to follow up that heavy main course selection.
Mint, anyone?

xo for serious,