Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Art Class

Did anyone else have to watch Sister Wendy tapes in school?
If you did, I'm right with you. If you didn't please let me
introduce her via Wikipedia:
Sister Wendy Beckett (born 25 February 1930) is a South African-born British art expert, consecrated virgin and contemplative hermit who became an unlikely celebrity during the 1990s, presenting a series of acclaimed art history documentaries for the BBC.

Thanks Wikipedia ... And Mr. Navarro for all those hours of Sister Wendy videos.
9th Grade Social Studies...Represent!

Anyway, we hope that Sister Wendy and Mr. Navarro would be proud of today's entry where we will- with any luck at all- feature some quality spring sale masterpieces that are at least somewhat evocative of iconic works of art. Bear with us, people. They some of the great artistic minds of various centuries...we're a yard sale in North Hollywood, awesome though we may be.

Georgia on My Mind: Poppies by Georgia O'Keefe

The "Jackson" Five: Galaxy by Jackson Pollock

MC Escher- Rennaisance Man: Day and Night by MC Escher

The Long Kiss Goodnight: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Special thanks to today's model and muse, Chelsea. Well class, that's all the time we have for today, but I'm kinda digging this clothing:artwork thing.
Maybe we'll do another one later. For now though...

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