Monday, April 19, 2010

Episode 4- Natural Wonders

G'Day and Welcome to Wacky Wildlife!

Today on Wacky Wildlife we'll take a look at some amazing animal inspired items
in their natural yard sale habitat.

First up we have something that's recognizable to most wildlife and clothing lovers. This species is part of the well-know Vinyl family which is known for it's classically nocturnal habits.

Up next we have the reclusive Three-Toed Shrug. The Three-Toed Shrug uses its obvious natural camouflaging to hide from predators and protect is young. Interestingly, it is also a marsupial

Oh now, this is very exciting folks, we've just spotted the majestic Crested Housecoat.
Only ten thousand of these are known to still exist in the wild though a few closets around
the world have started successful breeding programs.

We hope you have enjoyed our program today and look forward to our next adventure together. We would like to take just a brief moment to encourage responsible wildlife viewership. Upon seeing animals or animal-inspired items in the wild please remember to be concientious. Seriously, don't mess with Nature. We hear it always 'finds a way':

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