Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Pirate's Life For Me

So it turns out that pirates might not have been as fashionable as we have been lead to believe by various myths and popular culture. To that we say the following:

We can't hear you.

All the pirates we know about are stylish as all-get-out.


Obviously you'll be in good company as a well-dressed high-seas rogue. In the rich tradition of Anne Bonny (see illustration) our pirate coats are modeled by my friend Hilary. Thanks Hilary for being such a good sport! You are the coolest.

In case you at home are wondering... yes, we have pirate jackets in guys' sizes. Yes, we have guys' clothes for sale. Yes I work with a bunch of guys whom I adore but all seem somewhat reluctant to model our yard sale treasures. Please help me convince them by sending in your encouragement and good thoughts. Tasty baked goods have also been known to be a powerful bargaining chip. Just saying...

Goodnight Readers. Sleep well. We'll most likely kill you in the morning.*

*No, we won't.

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