Monday, April 26, 2010

Reader's Letters Part 1

Dear xo for serious Erica,

We are reading your blog and like it 87.667% of the time. We appologize for the inaccuracy of our estimation but would like you to know that this is a more than acceptable rate of enjoyment. There is a reasonable probability that we will attending the Spring Sale on the twenty second of May and would find it agreeable to meet you there.

As you continue to write your blog we would like to know: what is the probability of a science themed entry?

Thank you for your time

~The Scientific Community

Dear Sci-Com,

Thanks for your letter! I appreciate your readership and am happy to report to you that the probability of Science Theme day is 100%!!! You are absolutely right the scientifically minded have contributed much to the world of fashion and not just by inventing many and diverse tools and fabrics. Hurray for Dacron.

Let's take a look at some trend-setting scientists and how you can approximate their style with Spring Sale items.

Special thanks to Sahar and Chelsea. You guys rock so hard! I think you are as cool as tertiary proteins for which I will never be able to adequately articulate my love and admiration.

Again, thanks for reading. Tell your friends. Does CERN have a blog? Can we cross-reference each other?!

Some one make a call please.

Xo for Serious


P.S. At the next convention...I'm going as young Darwin

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