Friday, April 16, 2010

Under Wraps

While today is neither my birthday, my husband's birthday, our anniversary or Valentine's day, I'm sure it's someone-out-there's special day. And just in case they need some ideas, we bring you the Blog Boudoir Bonanza. Special Fold-Out section pages 1-66. Style Guide Page 67

Pages 1-66

Page 67
What's your lingerie style?
Statement Starlet
If you only have one piece of clothing then you're sure going to make that one piece count. Get the most bang for your proverbial buck in this stunning layered confection

Snuggly Snow-Bunny
You can't be on the slopes all the time. After a long day on the mountain, grab some hot cocoa and cozy up to this quilted velvet wrap. Tell me honestly readers... could this be more adorable? It has pompoms!

Two-Tone Temptation
It's black, it's white. It's chiffon and embroidered and let's face it, just really rather classy.

Short and Sweet(heart)
I'm much more of a well-fit black t-shirt kinda gal but this sky-blue empire waist slip makes a convincing argument for the pastel side of The Force.

Btw: For those of you with a snappy come-back about the non-existance of a pastel side of the force... Darth and I beg to differ.

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