Thursday, April 15, 2010

Watch Out for Hop Ons...'re going to get some hop-ons

Because we sure can recognize a good band- wagon when we see one, let us hop on and take a look at how you can build your very own 'Alice and Wonderland' inspired items from the veritable treasure trove of yard sale goodies.

For those of you who feel like sticking it to the overly stuffy and most likely hypocritical mores of Victorian-era society, check out this charming Alice-esque frock.

Seeing red?

(Note: Over-sized head not included, though if you send in ten box tops we might send you a free pack of sky blue eyeshadow. What? You never could happen)

Crispin Glover looks rather rakish now that he doesn't have to worry about Biff Tannen anymore...and so can you! (that's right, you don't have to worry about Biff Tannen anymore either)

White Sale

Dear Anne Hathaway,

You're so cool. Will you come to my birthday party?

xo your fan since 2002,


Alright, perhaps we'll take another trip through the looking glass pending the arrival of some stellar waistcoats and/or top hats of questionable sanity.

Oh and we almost forgot... a little something for the fashionable Jaberwocky on the go.

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