Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's Outside of Pleasantville? and Other Controversies

Hi Fifties Friends,
Want to really impress Skip on your date?

Your general silence and reasonably pensive expression says yes, yes you do.
So, if I haven't horribly misjudged your reactions, perhaps you will be interested
in some of these charming 50's Cocktail Dresses, modeled by the possibly even more
charming Randi.

This first one you can wear to the Father-Daughter Dance before Tobey Maguire shows up with a colorful social revolution in tow.

Perfect for a game of bridge or an unexpected walk in the exceptionally unexpected rain.
Give this one a nice hat and it will be perfect for that pivotal town meeting everyone is talking about

So cute, you could even where it to school before Don Knotts puts you in a syndicated television show.

We hear your basketball team might need a little extra team-spirit at this weeks game. What could be better than this:

Various options for a potential Lover's Lane visit:

Still haven't found something you are absolutely in love with?

Not to worry... tons more options at the sale. See you then May 22...
p.s. if we don't see you, we'll just assume you're living the parallel fictional
past of a parallel fictional universal.

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