Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'Carrie'd Away

Several experiences have informed me that if ever I am sitting in the immediate vicinity of three other women we are immediately and with all due haste supposed to figure out which Sex and the City character we most accurately conform to. Now I can't be certain if I even have a high-fashion oriented reader demographic that I've been horribly ignoring but if in fact for some reason that's the case welcome to Fashion Week. (And by Fashion Week I mean a one day event where Chelsea's going to style us up some outfits from the yard sale merchandise and where possibly I wear make-up) Please enjoy...

The New Movie

The First Movie

The Classic

Special thanks to today's photographer Kristin. We sure hope this made your day. It certainly made ours. Also, the girls in my department would like me to mention that I made them do cruel and unusual amounts of manual labor before taking these photos today. If any one out there would like to contribute to my Buy-Burke-Williams-Gift-Cards-For-My-Department program please send check or money order to

xo for Serious Erica c/o Western Costume

11041 Vanowen Street

North Hollywood CA 91605

Hey, that's the same location as our yard sale this Saturday. Fancy that.

xo for serious,

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