Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am a FBI Agent

This is the coolest thing that has ever happened-ever!
I mentioned Point Break LIVE and then- from what I can
deduce anyway- the cast of Point Break LIVE commented
on our facebook page. Aaah! I feel cool.
So much so that I am now prepared to dedicate an entire
posting to this massive cinematic and now theatrical achievement.

I would also like to mention that if you are the costume designer of any of the projects I have or will reference, if you were the costume supervisor, the ager, the dyer, the specialty craftsperson, the set costumer, the tailor, the seamstress, the cutter, the fitter, the key costumer, the shopper, the costumer, the fabric buyer, the assistant costume designer, the uniform guy, the still photographer who took the photos or yes, even the p.a. (represent yo) then your work is only in this blog because I think it is amazing and totally rad and one day I hope to be as cool as you.

In the meantime though... Vaya con Dios
xo for serious,

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