Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Readers' Letters II

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! We got free tacos at work- It was the coolest!
Thanks bosses!

We're still so happy that we will take another reader letter today.
Let's see...
*digs around in back room overflowing with fan-mail*

Dear Yard Sale,
How do you roll?
The Amazing Rando

Dear Amazing R-
Thanks for reading and writing in. We here at the yard sale like to roll in many different ways. You could say that we are a rolling chameleon.
Exhibit A:

Sometimes we rock glam

Inversely: glam rock

Sometimes it depends on the time of day
Sleepy Time

Tea Time

Get dressed up in First Pattern HBT and look like a bad-ass Time*

*That's right Military aficionados, we just made our first military reference for this year's blog. Be assured we have many, many military items available for sale. Stay tuned.

Really it's just about how we feel. And sometimes you just feel like an Erte illustration. Or at least Chelsea does.

Well Rando, we hope that answers some of your curiosity. Good luck in your epic and continuing battle with the Eastman.

Xo for serious,

Ps. If any one is still confused...This is how we, at the yard sale, like to roll

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