Friday, October 8, 2010

And Adventuring We Shall Go

So there was young and handsome Prince Thad,

riding horses,

picking up chicks

going to sweet parties

and generally just being completely content with his awesome princely existence.
Everything was great but little did Thad know that his destiny was about to come
crashing into him like a train would crash into a tyranasaurus rex.

Far away, somewhere on a mountain.. or an ethereal plain or some such something
was a very beautiful goddess, let's call her Twixy. She was in charge of things like love and hugs and tiny candies expressing romantic sentiments.
Romantic Candies Goddess File Photo:

She was normally very nice and sweet, but had some how recently been thoroughly
ticked off by her on-again-off-again-stunningly-handsome-diety-boyfriend: Heath
Diety Boyfriend File Photo:

And like most young goddesses in her position, Twixy decided to take out her rage on some hapless mortal fellow in the most round about way she could think of. In this instance it meant that Prince Thad was suddenly consumed by a vision of a beautiful princess and he knew from that very moment that he would marry her... or at least take her out to the local tavern.
Beautiful Princess Madeline:

Not to be confused with endearing French cartoon in a blue dress. Though surely we could fine you a blue dress and a hat if that's what you really want to be for Halloween. But I digress...clearly.

Anyway, after telling his twin brother Oswald the Monk

all about this imaginary wonder-girl

Oswald told Thad that surely his could-be-beloved was none other than the beautiful and aforementioned Princess Madeline of none other than the kingdom right next door. Overjoyed, Thad set off at once but once again little did he know that Princess Madeline had been kidnapped by Twixy's evil headless henchman

and set adrift at sea where she was forced to make a really cute outfit that while totally awesome made her completely unrecognizable...

Alright so she looks just as beautiful as ever but let's all hop on the suspended disbelief raft and paddle our way into a decent narrative shall we?

...Yes, indeed we shall because nothing's fun like the Raft of the Medusa. Stick with us bold adventurers; it's about to get good (or at least awkwardly amusing)

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You Rock.

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