Thursday, April 19, 2012

Black and White Ball

Black and White: as classic as dichromatic apple pie.
And oh so very versatile. Seriously, who's not wearing it?
Well, you can answer that on your own. I suppose what is of greater interest
is, who is wearing it. Let's find out.

What's your rabbit return policy?

When fabulously dressed dates go bad...

Let's see your Tiger Claw match our Crane style

Note: Actual crane not available for sale.

It might be some one's fault, but it's certainly not Jimmy's. His shirt says so.

Special Guest Model Hilary. Isn't she lovely? Also she sings. If no one
buys this dress she's going to wear it to her next show.

We got you, fashion folk. We got you.

Note: Actual Karl Lagerfeld not available for sale.

The best thing that has ever happened ever:

So then, until tomorrow. Stay strong, go big, and fight the good fight.

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