Friday, April 27, 2012

The Nightmare Before SpringSale or WeHeartTimBurton

Dear Tim Burton,
You make cool movies. They inspire us. Thanks for being so cool. One day we hope to be as cool as you. Will you read our blog? We promise not to feature your films every day. Unless you want us to. In which case, consider it handled. We should let you know in advance that we have at least two prior blogging commitments: ponies and Calvinism. Actually, we only promised to mention Calvinism so I guess that's handled. You may be surprised how hard it is to work a passing reference to Calvinism into a narrative about a costume yard sale. Maybe not. You are very cool after all. Also, do you like tortilla chips? 
Your Fans,
Erica, Jessica, and Jimmy

"My Dear Penguins...
We stand on a great threshold."

Yep, that's impressive.
We tried making a similar ice sculpture. It turns out that North Hollywood is not the optimum ice-sculpting venue. How about we all just enjoy this dress?
And unusual.

Hey Baby,
Wanna kill all humans?

Crazy Eyes.
Crazy Pies. .... you know, cause they're made of people.

There's absolutely no organic flowthrough.

I've noticed that too.

I must admit I have not had the occasion to research 'Corpse Bride' quotes before but now that I have, I'll be saying this one all the time:
"There's an eye in me soup"

Don't say Beetlejuice two more times.
Seriously, cut it out.

We may not actually have our own Bat Signal. And we may not have been allowed on the roof. But we do have this short set of stairs, the sun and a Batman t-shirt. Rock on. Have a good weekend!

Upon further consideration, we have determined that it is actually not hard all at to work Calvinism into anything. After all, it's predestined.

Get it? 

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