Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scotch On The Rocks

Look out, Banquo, it's Scottish Day!
Yup, we know, it's exciting.

No convenient heather-covered hills to make that perfect wedding bouquet for your sister? You can still make her something lovely as all heck.

We know Jimmy looks like a nice guy here. But don't make him angry.... you won't like him when he's angry.
Wait. That wasn't right. Here's what we meant to say.

In other news, apparently I'm auditioning for the role of Charlie Dalrymple. I hope I get it.

Also accesorries.
Check it out, sporans! (Now there's a commonly uttered sentence)

And fetching stockings.
Jimmy wanted everyone to know that just the fetching stockings will be for sale. His stylin' Vans are not on the table, though if a bidding war breaks out he might reconsider.

Now we have to go on home to Bonny Jean. We'll have more exciting items for you tomorrow, assuming that we don't wake up one hundred years in the future in some strange costuming vortex designed to protect us from strange costuming witches. Till then, peace.

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