Monday, April 16, 2012

Who Do You Want To Be Today?

Who do you want to be? It's the the theme and we didn't even listen to a single Oingo Boingo song today. We will have to remedy that tomorrow. In the meantime though, who or more accurately what do you want to be when you grow up? It's okay, we didn't mean to put you on the spot. Here are some suggestions:

Flight Attendant

Cereal Magnate

Old-Timey Ice Cream Vendor

International Pretty Pretty Princess Pro-Tour Class A: World Champion

Riddles wants to be the Tin Man when he grows up. Apparently, I haven't looked at a picture of the Tin Man in a while. They were all a little frightening. I hope this picture of a rabbit in a hat will suffice. Perhaps some armor would really complete the picture. Stay tuned.

Postscript: In case anyone is new to the blog, the possibility exists that you may be confused- what with our questionable career advice and be-hatted lagomorphs. If so, sorry for the confusion. Let's clear some of that up, shall we? On May 19th, we here at Western Costume Company are having an oh-so-very-gigantic yard sale: seriously, you name it and we might very well have it or something at least tangentially related to it. Anyway, this blog is meant to give you at home a preview of some of our items. It is definitely more fun for us to present said items in an entertaining way. We certainly hope it is more fun for you to read. We update every weekday. So then, welcome! Tell your friends! Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

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