Friday, April 13, 2012

A Winter's Tale

It flooded slightly today. Not to worry, as it was quickly contained by shoving the water back out with a push broom. True story. Jessica is an expert. That's why she gets to wear
this pretty dress.

I digress. Obviously.
The rain inside made us think of snow inside which led (naturally) to Dr. Zhivago
from which we made the intuitively obvious leap to THE RUSSIAN WINTER. It's in capitals
because anything so SERIOUSLY COLD should be so indicated. This brings us, at last, we know, to today's theme- Looking cool while surviving THE RUSSIAN WINTER and other less than warm places.
The Doctor.

We seemed to have misplaced our fiddle in an E-Crate somewhere, if you find it during the sale, give us a shout.
Jimmy is also great at saving us from floods. Thus, he got to wear this rather outstanding coat. He didn't have to get shot or anything.

There may have been a quick trip to Rura Penthe though.

So that's that. We gotta go sign up for mining detail. See you Monday.

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