Tuesday, May 15, 2012

But Wait...There's More.

Still dying to see us on the television? Here's the link to view our KTLA appearances from this morning.

Aren't we stunning, ladies and gents? And so self-effacing....

In the event, that you have already enjoyed our TV special you may be wondering what new material we have for you today. Well, this evening we would like to offer up the following term:


That's right: "pleasurable excitement and anticipation regarding an outcome, such as the ending of a mystery novel." Thanks FreeDictionary.com. (Also, not our sponsor)

We were somewhat (see also: very) occupied with TV time today so please accept our promise of an excellent blog tomorrow. We have really and seriously been working on tomorrow's episode for weeks. We're not just copping out on today's entry, we're also looking towards the future (you know, the future of tomorrow afternoon...). Let's just say we built a set out of E-Crates and polyester yardage, busted out a video camera and have a very special guest. It's going to be AMAZING. See you then....

(gratuitous parenthetical aside)

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