Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hometown Heroics

The Lakers play tonight and today I learned an important lesson. No matter how apathetic you may or may not be about your local sports teams, you can still dress like the most uber of uberfans. And yes, you can be a sports fan from any period of history. We chose the Lakers but you can use Spring Sale merchandise to create assuredly one of a kind monster-fan looks for just about any team.

I've lived in LA for ten years, I suppose it's time I learned to make a proper LA sign. Also, yes, for those of you with the eagle eye, Cody is wearing a 1987 Lakers Championship T-Shirt. It has extra special 1980's cut and sizing as well. It is totally legit.

Still with us? Excellent because we've got more FANtastic purple and gold to go. Also, some more FAN puns might happen. Just pre-warning you.

FANcy. What? I warned you. We could consider this follow-through. Also, for our loyal fans, I did finally get my crew that pizza I promised them.

Although it is prom season, a real fan does not shirk her responsibilities even if formal wear is required

What part of aubergine velvet, ecru lace and jet beaded fringe is not saying sporting fanatic to you?

Jimmy is going to wear this to a Laker game. That's how cool it is.

Once again, this is the most hardcore fan outfit we've ever encountered. For real, you try navigating Staples Center in this dress.

Actually, it turns out that Jimmy is going to wear this outfit to the Laker game. It's just so amazing it topped his purple medieval tunic. Jessica approves.

So that's all the school... er... team spirit we have time for today. Special thanks to guest models Alison and Rachel. Three cheers for you! FANtastic then! See you with more tomorrow!

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