Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Case of Emergency...

You know that thing when you are invited to a theme party at the last minute and don't have a good costume? Well, we can make sure this never happens again. Provided, of course, that the theme of the party is Worldwide Contagion Apocalypse. (The likeliest of party scenarios)

And don't worry that you'll show up in the same costume as some one else. We have a wide range of Worldwide Contagion Apocalypse fashions. A little something for everyone, yes?
Exactly no one messes with the people walking down the street dressed like this.

Simple. Elegant. HAZMAT.

During this particular brand of world-ending catastrophe, there may be a run on contemporary medical-wear. We will have to rely on the fashionable digs of yesteryear.

Then again, maybe not.

FAQ: Will there still be Candy Stripers during the Worldwide Contagion Apocalypse?

Yes, though their shirts will be confusing.
Yay! Us: One. Apocalypse: Zero. Take that Worldwide Contagion!!

The transition between apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic can be a scary one. Best to be prepared.

Traveling in heavily armored large groups could very well save your life. And help you look cool at parties.

So we hope you enjoyed that totally coherent, super practical fashion guide for the Worldwide Contagion Apocalypse, or any festivities of same name. Provided we don't have to put any of this into practical use tonight, we'll see you tomorrow.

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