Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Pharomachrus Mocinno Walks Into A Bar...

No but seriously folks, today's blog is inspired by a bird we saw the other day. Yes, we're cool like that. Also, where have we been? Right. So very sorry about that. You know that thing when you clean out your closet and you feel kind of great because things have finally been sorted, sold, donated, recycled, trashed, incinerated ...er... I mean responsibly disposed of... and then you realize you still have to put whatever you still own back in the closet. 

If my closet was an Armani store, I suppose it might look something like this.
 Anyway, we had to re-sort and stow our leftover spring sale merchandise and I can't really tell you what happened aside from the fact that it somehow all got put away and when I regained consiousness I was in the middle of my sixth Michael Bay movie.* How was your week?
But now we are back with more blog. Huzzah! As the sale is over, ye olde blog will now consist of costume-related fun facts. Because, that's right, knowledge is power. So, back to that bird we saw...feathers in costume. Hey, Fun Facts...Engage and Roll Out.**

If the quetzal (Pharamachrus moccino) had been any kind of store, Aztec royalty would have had frequent shopper cards.
It's brightly colored plumage was highly prized and used in elaborate headdresses.
And I can't get novelty bobby pins to stay in my hair.

Also, yeah, if this blog needs more of anything, clearly it's more Latin. So let's take a look at some insanely rad Hawaiian feather cloaks. These items are brought to you by the 'i'iwi (Vestiaria coccinea) and the 'o'o (Moho nobilis)

Here's a link to a cool and really in-depth paper on the conservation of three such feather cloaks.

And now for some feather fans (jump in any time South Carolina Football Spirit Squad). But really here's two Edwardian ostrich plume fans, as photographed and posted by www.1860-1960.com.

And in case your just a fan fan: here's some fun links.
http://www.handfanmuseum.org/  In addition to bunches of information they also have a fan with a screaming cat on it. Who doesn't need more screaming cats?
http://www.thefanmuseum.org.uk/  This site gives us many wonderful things, including an exhibition on Sylvain le Guen- a contemporary fan maker. Seriously check it out. The work is amazing.

See you in a few days. Now that it's not just captions to yard sale photos, some actual research may be required for posts. Also, if anyone has a question or topic of costume interest/inquiry we can totally look into it. For now though, have a very splendid evening.

*Starscream, you have failed me for the last time. ...Again.
**No, I will not stop with the 80s cartoon references.

Also, extra credit is available to anyone who can a) finish the joke I started in the blog title and/or b) make a fan incorporating Starscream and feathers. Send in pictures. I'll post them. I promise.

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