Monday, May 7, 2012

Outerwear and Other Strange Photos

We got lots of outstanding military (and other) jackets today. Who wants to see them?!

When Cody succeeds in becoming the first Expatriated American Icelandic Rapping Sensation, Jimmy is going to be his personal body guard. ...who is also for some reason a Canadian Mountie. Maintiens le droit!

We were too late for our Three Musketeers audition. Oh well, there's always next year.

Horatio has an outstanding jacket and nerves of steel.

I too have an outstanding jacket and a crew of three outstanding people who are at all times trying to teach me how to be 'thug'. I think it's working.
"A sailing ship is no democracy; you don't caucus a crew as to where you'll go anymore than you inquire when they'd like to shorten sail".- Sterling Hayden. It's cool because it's a film actor talking about sailing and we are selling film costumes by standing on the back of a truck and pretending it is a boat. Good, I'm glad you're following. Also, we are not completely without democracy, I did let them choose which jackets to wear.

What's cooler than one Hussar jacket? If you answered two or more Hussar jackets you would be correct. Gold star.

We hope you enjoyed our parade o' jackets today. There are only two weeks left until our ever and increasingly more epic Spring Sale. Saturday May 19th, 8am-2pm all our blog items and just oodles more will be available for purchase. Want to see what a 100 racks of costumes lined up on a loading dock looks like? Need to refresh your collection of armor? Making a skirt entirely out of ladies gloves? Interested in how cool you too will look in a Hussar jacket? For the answers to these and assuredly several other questions, come check it out! For now, see you tomorrow.

Also, John Mollo is my hero.

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