Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This Sale Has EVERYTHING!!!!

 Today we'd like to welcome a very special guest and our good friend, "Stefon".
You may want to google Stefon Saturday Night Live to help contextualize our video. That's right we made a parody. Obviously, you don't need to see the original material to think we're funny. *Winks to audience*
Watch us here:

Did you watch it?? Did you love it? Have you already Facebooked/Twittered/Instagrammed all your friends to tell them to watch it? Seriously, I told the crew that if the video gets a million hits tonight they can have the day off tomorrow. So let's band together here, make a video go viral and give my crew the day off. They totally deserve it.

Here are pictures of Stefon's favorite recommendations from our upcoming sale. This Saturday May 19th, 8am-2pm Western Costume Company 11041 Vanowen Street North Hollywood, CA 91605 (In the back parking lot.) Those were details. These are photos:

Saloon girls don't need shoes. True story.

Butterfly wings are even more fun to wear with a friend.

What's up, enemies? We've got armor now.

Two of Four matching lime green airbrushed unitards. Yes, we actually wore them. Now no one can doubt our commitment to SparkleMotion.

Space Suits...  are hard core.

So is the Russian Army

Legendary DJ Jack the Ripper



Green Salsa (Tortilla Chips Not Included)

Padded Chinese Pants: Fun for All

It actually turns out it is more like 5/6s of a gorilla suit

The title piece of our new photography exhibit: THE LEAN

Sombreros - Good for shade

Good for fashion

Good for everyone. :)

 Vest=Tires + Craftsmanship




Ladies gloves, vintage and otherwise

Scotch Sunday (Actual Scotch not available for sale.)

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