Monday, May 14, 2012

TV and Jellybeans.

Here's the deal....and we feel like we've been writing this long enough to be honest with you, so please be kind  in our moment of vulnerability (and potential awesomeness) We're going to be on TV tomorrow!!! KTLA 5 with Gayle Anderson throughout the morning 7:10, 7:50, 8:10, 9:15, 9:30 and 1pm. To prepare for our small screen debut we began setting up our 100 or so racks of costumes, practicing our articulation and generally psyching ourselves up. This burst of hyperactivity may have contributed to today's RAINBOWJELLYBEANHEARTSANDSTARSBlog

So then, get out your flavor chart and check out today's selections. And no, we are not sponsored by JellyBelly.

Cherry! or Cinnamon. It's so hard to tell but what would life be without a little risk?

We can tell you that life is a lot more amazing with this coat.

Jelly beans: the most sporty of all foods.

Jessica is also sporty. She played water polo, not in this dress of course, but if the situation demanded it, I'm sure she'd come through.

Right. Lemons. Sugar. Quality.


I honestly did not know prior to this writing that there was so much jelly bean product diversity.

Additionally, I honestly love what's happening in this photo.

And now for a word from our non-sponsors...

Buy costumes. Look cool. Just like Jimmy. Also, it's his birthday. Happy Birthday, Jimmy!!! We love you!!!!
J is also for Jimmy. Have we mentioned how cool he is? Also, it's his birthday!

I got together with some other purple dresses and took this picture.

For those of you tired of eating jelly beans with your hands, you can now drink them. I've certainly done shot glasses of M&Ms. I'm sure the principle is the same.

Jessica has a cute shirt. You can too! It's the week of the sale. It's time for shameless self-promotion. COME BUY COSTUMES!!! This Saturday, 8am-2pm Western Costume Company 11041 Vanowen St. North Hollywood, CA 91605. In the back parking lot. Tell your friends.

Apparently this watch is called a Jelly Bean. It's pretty fashionable....

But really, what can be more fashionable than this? For real. Cody. Way. To. Model.

Well, we seem to be out of for the time being. Plus we have to go start doing our hair and makeup for tomorrow's TV time. Have I mentioned we are going to be on TV? Also, it's still Jimmy's birthday. Also, my crew is the best. I would also be willing to put money on us during any kind of a Zompocalypse. know, the Zombie Apocalypse. What's with all of our apocalypse humor? Who knows, maybe it's the jellybeans. I have mentioned we are going to be on TV tomorrow???

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