Friday, May 18, 2012

Visitors Guide to Spring Sale

Whether this is your first trip to the Spring Sale or you are a veritable Spring Sale world traveler, here are some tips you may find helpful for your voyage tomorrow. Let's read, shall we?

Climate: The usual late springtime climate in North Hollywood can be quite toasty. Dress lightly.

One should keep in mind, though, that the mornings can be a little chilly due to an occasionally persistent marine layer. A light jacket is recommended.

Then again, layers are always a good plan.

Transportation: Most visitors to the sale travel via automobile. The address for Western Costume is indeed 11041 Vanowen St. North Hollywood, CA 91605. However, the main entrance to the Sale parking lot is located off of Vineland Ave north of Vanowen but just before the railroad tracks. You can park in the front of the building on Vanowen but someone may point you in a more sale-ward direction
For those traveling by boat:


Or horse:

We seriously commend you. Also, zeppelin parking is available at the Target.

Culture: Be prepared for an uber-bustling market place. (Complete with actual bustles)
Some shopping carts and racks will be provided for your shopping convenience. Treat your fellow shoppers and SpringSale staff with courtesy. We don't want things to get out of hand.

Don't worry though:
There's plenty of stuff to go around. Please note this important change to the SpringSale set up. The racks displaying the costumes are zip-tied together. Do not attempt to separate families of racks. No one wants to see a rolling rack on a wild rampage because it has been separated from its babies. We imagine it might look something like this:
Only much more aggressive. Do not taunt the zip-tied rolling racks.

All items at the Sale are priced via color coded tags. These tags correspond to prices and a look at any of the many price signs will show you how much your items cost. Here is an artist's rendition of what those signs might look like. Also, the "artist" is my cell phone. Also, this is what the signs look like.
Once you have finished shopping and are waiting to make your purchases it is quite helpful to organize your items by color tag. All reds together all greens together, etc. This will expedite your check out and get you out into the world wearing your new fabulous purchases as soon as possible. Because we know how excited you are to wear your upcoming acquisitions.
Also, they make great holiday gifts for your friends and family, just saying.
Ah, yes, right, lost our train of thought there for a moment-actually I had to run to the airport. True story. I had to pick up this trunk.

Alright, the trunk part isn't true though the bit about the airport totally happened. The trunk is, however, for sale and like all our other items can be purchased with cash or credit. 

Um... okay so we don't really do food here but if you buy this under-the-sea-tulle-sequin-chiffon-wonder-number we'll throw in the ChexMix box for free. Yeah, we're super cool like that. Also, we've heard a rumor that there will be water available but for the sake of superior hydration possibilities you may want to bring your own as well.

So then, our intrepid SpringSale Shoppers, we'll see you tomorrow from 8am-2pm. Thanks for shopping and thank you SO MUCH for reading. Much love and stuff TeamYardSale2012

For real and serious, we love you!!
Peace out, homestars!!!!

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